Friday, March 28, 2008

No, it hasn't taken me this long to recover from St. Patrick's Day :-)

We went to Pj Mc Intyre, a local Irish pub. It is my new favorite place. The burgers are fantastic! And the lobster bisque is incredible. In short, all the food is good. If you come to the west side of Cleveland, go to PJ's.

Ok, on to beer: an old favorite, Foster's (in a pint can)

Very smooth, no bitter bite, consistent from can to can. No, I've only had;jadkj

um, that was the cat. (ES, you don't have a cat.) Er, well, yes! On with the review.

This beer stands well alone as well as matching with a great many foods, pizza and wings being my usual choice.

OTN and FOs:

I did in fact take the lace off the needles and block it; it turned out quite nicely as a dresser scarf instead of a shawl. I only need to cast off and it will be done.

My nephew's shawl: I've finished the second skein and will be heading into the third, so it will be three skeins long or as long as it gets by the time he's christened next month.

I found the Noah's Ark instructions!

My husband's socks have been started, with my hand dyed sock yarn. I set two clothes trees 13' 6" apart and wound some Knit Picks Bare superwash fingering weight yarn around them, tying it off in sections approximately 150", 50", 75", and 50", the two larger sections each a different color and the 50" sections left white. This produces a large stripe of A, a small stripe of white, a medium stripe of B, and a small stripe of white. This was calculated for a woman's medium-large foot, but with my husband's size 14 feet I was happy to find that the stripe pattern does not break down. For the dye I used both KnitPick's powder acid dyes and Koolaid. One tip for the KP dye: a little goes a long way, and rinse thoroughly.

Oh, and I did in fact figure out the collar of my dress and finished it in time for Easter. I even found a matching hat! I almost had matching boots as well, but my size was sold out.

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