Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cleaning up

Bleah! I have spent most of today cleaning the basement...and I'm not sure if it looks any better! I have so much junk that I need to throw away or give away or sell or something. I think after I finish this post, I will go to ebay and try to unload it.

Swapping update: I am still eagerly awaiting my dishcloth swap partner. BTW, for the posting contest: I call them dishcloths. I don't particularly like the term dishrag, as it seems to imply something raggedy, not something handmade and nice. If you use it on your face, then it's a facecloth. For the sock swap, I am having so much fun emailing my spoiler and spoilee, and the bag is turning out A#1. I wish I could be more specific, or post pictures, but she might see it.

Speaking of bags, I am firming up details for another knitting commission, this time a black and gray felted purse from the same lady who ordered 4 scarves from me at Christmas.



Jenean said...

I love felted bags! I think I've found my knitting nitch. Love to see a pic when you're done with the black and gray bag.

Bev Love said...

You have me thinking about a felted bag for my HSKS4 pal now. I just cannot make up my mind. Knit or crochet, felt or not to felt. :P

Bev aka paletpc
Slytherin Prefect