Friday, December 28, 2007


Hi, all.

Made it through another week at work and then went to martial arts classes...a great way to destress and exercise; I highly recommend it. I'm taking tai chi (yang style long form...I know section 1 fairly well and am starting section 2) and Northern Shao Lin kung fu (orange sash, and starting on my first sword form...tricky but very interesting).

On the knitting front, I am almost done with block 2 of 81 for my mom's blanket. Aaaaannd...I left the instructions at work. :-( Oh well, time to switch to one of my UFOs. Now that the Christmas knitting is done, I can go back to my socks (self striping yarn from Knitpicks in blue, yellow, red, and white. The colorway is called Crayon, but unfortunately is discontinued.) The pattern is Classy Slip-Up from Knit Socks! byBetsy Lee McCarthy.
We'll be going to see National Treasure tomorrow, so I have to pick something that I can knit in the dark. (Why yes, I knit at the movies, doesn't everyone?) I think I'll continue the stockinette hat that I started the last time we went to a movie...The Mist. I almost went blind trying to cast on a tricky Nicki Epstein brim, then didn't really like the movie. Very depressing ending and I can't really recommend it. Same reason I won't be seeing I Am Legend, even though I like Will Smith.

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