Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm back!

And with so much to update. In no particular order:

Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

A definite cherry scent, and a pleasant fruity tang in the taste, though not as much as the Red Bach. Enough, however, to counteract any bitterness and make a smooth flavor. Goes well with barbecue, especially the sweeter Kansas City style rather than the more vinegary St. Louis style.

Trip report for the IX Indoor Amusement Park:

The entrance:

The first ride:

A pretty standard Crazy Mouse...but I really wish they'd go back to the Zyklon they had about 3 years ago, or even a Wild Mouse. I don't like spinny rides...blech...

Now: Sooper Looper/Fireball...

...or a Stargate? :-)

More later.

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Patonga Pinkstone said...

Elizabeth- I received a package with a skein of yarn from you. I am quite mystified as to why? can you enlighten me?

Ellie Putz
aka Patonga Pinkstone
aka crazy4dyeing